Everything about the warranty at LOUIS XVI

When it comes to warranty, the most frequently asked question is of course: how long is the warranty period? That depends on which model you have chosen. You can find more detailed information by navigating to the product page of your model. There you will find the warranty period under the warranty section for each model. The legal minimum warranty is 2 years. We offer a warranty of 5 years for almost all models, because we are exaggerated by the quality of our products and like to pass this conviction on to you.

Ok, you now know about the duration of the warranty. But what exactly is covered by the warranty? Simplified, it can be expressed as follows: all damages that occur even though the watch has been properly treated are due to production defects and therefore covered by the warranty. Conversely, any damage caused by improper use is not covered by the warranty. This includes theft and loss. To illustrate the whole thing a bit we would like to show you some concrete examples.

Example 1:

You wear your watch only on special occasions and are very careful with it. While you are having dinner in a fancy restaurant, the buckle suddenly comes off the bracelet. You can't react fast enough and the watch falls to the floor. The fall has caused a crack in the glass. In this case, the defect in the buckle is due to a production error and you did not cause the fall yourself. The warranty covers the damage.

Example 2:

You wear your watch every day. While sleeping, at work, doing sports, the watch is always on your wrist. After some time you notice that the inside of the leather strap is a bit darker and scuffed. This damage is not covered by the warranty as it is normal wear and tear.

Example 3:

You come home from work after a hot summer day and are looking forward to a cold shower. While putting your watch down, you have a mishap and the watch falls on the hard bathroom floor. The glass shatters. This damage is not covered by the warranty because it is your own fault.

I have a warranty claim, what should I do now?

You can find a form on our website. You can fill out this form, print it out and send it together with the shockproof packed watch to the address indicated on the form. As soon as we receive the watch, a watchmaker will perform an incoming check. I.e. the watch will be checked for all defects. After this check you will receive an email with an estimate of how long the repair will take. Once the repair is completed it will be sent back to you.

What do I have to do if I caused a damage by my own fault?

Even if the damage is not covered by warranty, we can repair your watch. The process is basically the same as for a warranty claim. The difference is that you will receive a cost estimate from us after the initial check. On it you can see how much the repair will cost. You can then decide whether you want to have the repair done or not. If you decide against a repair, we will of course send the watch back to you, just not repaired.

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