Committed to tradition

Swiss Made

Switzerland is known for its precision timepieces. In order for a watch to carry the prestigious Swiss Made label the manufacturer has to follow strict government guidelines. We are proud to be able to follow those guidelines which makes it possible for our watches to carry the Swiss Made label.

A promise of quality

5 year warranty

Our watchmakers are trained professionals who hand assemble every timepiece. Our methods of traditional Swiss craftsmanship ensure every piece is unique. To show you what quality means to us, we offer a 5 year warranty on all our timepieces.

Every watch is unique

Limited to 1000 pieces

Our customers are unique. Just like our watches. Only 1000 pieces of each model are made and sold. Each watch is engraved with a unique serial number which makes each LOUIS XVI a sought after collectors item.

Quality begins with the choice of materials.

Used materials

Our cases and metal straps are made out of 316L stainless steel. It's chemical composition makes it especially tough and resistant to corrosion. All our watches are equipped with a scratch resistant sapphire crystal glass. Much more scratch resistant than mineral glass, which is often used in common watches. Sapphire crystal glass can not be scratched by everyday use.


Watch how a LOUIS XVI watch is made

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