What is included in the delivery?

Who hasn't experienced this? You have ordered a product in the online store of your choice and are now eagerly waiting for the letter carrier to ring and you can receive the good piece. We would like to show you what to expect when you receive your LOUIS XVI watch. Let's go!

After opening the shipping box, the first thing you will find is a separate leatherette box wrapped in cardboard and velvet cloth. Of course with our brand logo. Before opening the leatherette box you will find a sealed envelope. Inside you will find a welcome letter, a stamped certificate of authenticity and a folded card. On the folding card you will find information on how to adjust the length of the bracelet and learn where to find the instruction manual for your model. Along with the sealed envelope, there is also a flyer with information about our Instagram page. It describes how you can proceed so that your pictures appear in our Instagram story.

After that it's already time for the best part of the unboxing: you finally open the box and can admire your new LOUIS XVI watch. Besides your watch, in the box you will find the warranty card and, if you ordered a model with a stainless steel bracelet, also a strap shortener with which you can adjust the length of the bracelet to your needs. If you ordered a model with a leather strap or a milanese bracelet, there is no strap shortening tool included, as it is not necessary for these types of bracelets.

Now you know what to expect when you receive your LOUIS XVI watch. We wish you a lot of fun with the unboxing!

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