The perfect watch color for your skin tone: gold, rose gold, black or silver?

The choice of color of a watch can have a major impact on the appearance of the wearer. When choosing a watch, you should also ask yourself the following question: which color suits my skin tone?

Here you will find the most important principles about skin tone and watches. The article is intended to give you a simple overview of which color might suit your skin tone.

Light skin tone

Silver watches are great for people with fair skin. But gold and rose gold tones can also look very good, as they give the skin a warm tone.

Medium skin tone

Medium skin tones pair best with black and silver watches. Black watches add contrast, while silver watches can accentuate skin tone.

Dark skin tone

Gold tones work particularly well for people with dark skin tones. Gold watches give the skin a warm tone and are particularly effective on people with dark skin tones.

However, it is also important to consider other factors such as the occasion, outfit and personal style to find the perfect watch that will make the wearer shine.

Did you decide on a colour? Then you will find an overview of all models in your favorite color here:

- Gold

- Silver

- Rose gold

- Black

Have fun discovering!


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